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The Queen B Makes a Hive of CBD

By Max Fisher Beyoncé: everyone knows the name and everyone knows that the woman is easily one of the most talented people ever to walk the earth. Listing her numerous accomplishments over her 20+ year career would be little more than a waste of time at this point. To put it bluntly, the wo...

9 Best Comics for When You’re High

I like books as much as the next guy, but I’ll be the first to tell you nothing beats a comic book, and furthermore, nothing beats a comic book when you’re high! You get into this zone if you’re really engrossed in the story, where it becomes almost like an interactive movie where...

Indica vs Sativa Doesn’t Mean What You Think

The idea of indica vs sativa is inevitable to encounter if you’re familiar with the world of weed. But it might not be so simple. When one looks to purchase cannabis they are often confronted with the question: sativa, indica, or hybrid? If you were to ask what the difference is, one might be...

Why You Need These Top 5 Cannabis Products

CannaBuff is here to share some of the best cannabis products that make it easy for the stoner on-the-go. We are now able to showcase a few of our favorite portable products through our preferred partner Ground Level Distribution. Below, you’ll find CannaBuff’s top recommendations to ad...

Cops and Pot: What Law Enforcement Thinks of Marijuana

In 2019, we spoke to a retired police officer to find out what law enforcement thinks of marijuana. This week, we are revisiting this archived interview. We have kept him anonymous at his request.   Q: Tell me a bit about your background in law enforcement? A: I worked for a local police dep...

Niagara Community College Now Offers Cannabis Courses

As interest in cannabis grows and society begins to accept its culture more and more, the demand for it greatly intensifies. Along with this follows the demand for qualified individuals who are trained to properly grow it. These specialists are called horticulturists. Horticulture is the branch of...

Can Cannabis Be Used in Place Of Opioids?

Catch up on the latest scientific news about cannabis research as it relates to our region. Researchers Debate NY Medical Marijuana Laws in Journal of the American Medical Association. In February of 2019, researchers from Stanford and Boston University School of Public Health published an article...

Flowered Wellness

Cannabis Community Company Profile: Name: Flowered Wellness Tagline: Collaborative. Connecting. Caring. Website: Social Media: @FloweredWellness, @FloweredWellnessLiving About the Company: Flowered Wellness takes the guesswork out of cannabis care. Wow Factor: Flowered We...

Innosek and Hemp 3D Printing

About 3D Printing Considering our current laser technology and computer-aided design, we have come a long way from the old models and prototypes that were laboriously built from wood or other materials. These could take days or weeks to construct, and were costly to produce. Making changes or alter...
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