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Why You Need These Top 5 Cannabis Products


CannaBuff is here to share some of the best cannabis products that make it easy for the stoner on-the-go. We are now able to showcase a few of our favorite portable products through our preferred partner Ground Level Distribution.

Below, you’ll find CannaBuff’s top recommendations to add a little convenience to your Cannabis lifestyle. These tried and true products are perfect for any pot pal who doesn’t have time to waste! Be sure to use the code CANNABUFF at checkout for 20% off any of these products at


Jeca Energy Bars are MADE IN BUFFALO, artisanal, small batch, and high-quality. These holistic energy bars come in three amazing vegan-friendly flavors: matcha & seeds, coconut & curry, and almond & dates. All three varieties can be found on Ground Level Distribution’s website and at various stores around the 716. Not only are they an easy snack to grab and go, but we love that they’re locally made. Anytime you can support local, small businesses, eat healthy, and keep it simple, we are in!  Jeca Energy Bars are the perfect healthy munchie to enjoy after a smoke sesh, yoga, or on the way to the office.

L’il Sucker

The patented L’il Sucker keeps your drink (or bong) still and secure in a world full of motion. It’s ideal for the adventurous cannabis enthusiast on-the-go. Whether you are blasting down the river in a kayak, riding trails on your ATV, or chilling at your favorite music festival, L’il Sucker keeps your objects firmly planted where you set them down. Their hands-free design adds practical convenience and safety to your next cannabis-fueled adventure.

CannaBuff Hoodie

Stoners and hoodies go together like peanut butter & jelly. Pot-enthusiasts have been rocking hoodies since hoodies were rocked. They’re comfy, they’re easy, and they’re cool AF. What better way to honor this sacred union than a CannaBuff Hoodie? Rep your favorite local Cannabis brand in style and comfort with the CannaBuff Hoodie. We’ve partnered with GLD to offer our most loyal fans and followers this high-quality fashion statement. The hoodie is the pinnacle of convenience and it’s the perfect addition to any smoker’s wardrobe.  You can find details and sizes on the GLD website.

CannaBuff Magazine!

As the leading independent source for cannabis journalism and news in New York how could our magazine not make the list. 

CannaBuff is happy to make your life a little easier with our best cannabis products suggestions. So, grab your Rowll papers, snag a Jecca Bar, throw your fav beverage into a L’il Sucker and wrap that CannaBuff Hoodie around your waist like you’re Hey Arnold! We all know life can be stressful, so why not keep it as simple as possible with these ease-enhancing items. Remember to use the coupon code CANNABUFF at for a 20% discount on all of these amazing products!


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