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UberEats Now Offering Cannabis

As of November, UberEats will allow users to order cannabis products to be picked up at local dispensaries in Ontario, Canada. This is their first step towards an ultimate goal of one day delivering cannabis to consumers across North America, along with food and alcohol. Uber has had its sights on...

$5 Million worth of Marijuana Seized at Peace Bridge

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents seized more than $5 million worth of marijuana at the Peace Bridge on Wednesday (October 20th).  The agents noticed something awry when a commercial truck carrying “bathroom vanities” didn’t pass their initial inspections. When agents...

Meet Brennon Anderson of Bridge Studios

About this Column:  It’s no secret that cannabis is sensory enhancing, and one of the most commonly sought enhancements is the experience of music. In this column, we aim to highlight artists, bands, and musicians hailing from or passing through Buffalo. From Goo Goo Dolls to Griselda, w...

$250,000 Recovered at State Park

When most Americans hear about drug smuggling, they assume this activity is taking place at the southern border with Mexico. This was not the case when US Border Patrol agents intercepted packages containing roughly $250,000 worth of marijuana at Whirlpool State Park in Niagara Falls. Border Patrol...

Cuomo Resignation May Speed up Legalization

For several years now, many states in the US have made the decision to decriminalize marijuana possession and allow the growing and distribution of recreational marijuana. While many states still have yet to make headway on this groundbreaking change in policy, New York was feeling the pressure to d...

Charlotte’s Web Supports Landmark Liver Safety Study

Despite the widespread use and availability of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products, officials from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) say they still need to learn more about the safety of CBD before they determine how to regulate it. In March of last year, the FDA issued a statement highl...

Legislative Update

By Patrick J. Hines, Matthew Parker, and Fallon Martin of Hodgson Russ LLP In the last issue of Cannabuff, we discussed the landmark passage of the Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act (“MRTA”). Since then, while there has been much excitement, there has not been much action to impleme...

How the MRTA will impact the Medical Cannabis Program

With the passing of the new Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA), we usher in a new era of cannabis legislation in New York. You might be wondering how this affects the current medical cannabis program. Here, we aim to break this down for you. We’ll also discuss some key differences be...

Charlotte’s Web Launches THC-Free CBD Oil Tinctures to Help Frontline Heroes

Charlotte’s Web is a pioneer in the hemp industry, breaking ground for the generous lineup of options that the modern CBD enthusiast can enjoy. The brand was one of the first to launch full-spectrum hemp formulas including tinctures and other delivery methods that introduce cannabidiol into th...
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