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Cannabis Tourism

This article was first seen in print and was made in collaboration with Welcome 716. Check out their version of this article on their website. As the Cannabis industry grows in this country and abroad, so does the number of pot-curious travelers roaming our region. While it is not fully-legal in Ne...

What is EQ Pricing?

Definition The term “EQ pricing” was originally coined by (created by the founders of Leafly) as a unique way for cannabis companies to better analyze their sales data. EQ pricing normalizes product prices using a standard unit of measure allowing for better cost comparisons...

Oral Medical Cannabis EQ Pricing Dashboard

 Gummies, capsules, tablets, and other “Edibles” Our first visualization covers oral medical cannabis products available in NYS. The concept for this visualization came from wanting to know more about how costs differ between capsules, tablets, gummies, and other dosage forms. The...

Smokers Corner: Cannabis Quality

With the sudden influx of new, unlicensed dispensaries, pop-up weed shops, and “gifting” being done across the state, we have to wonder, where is this weed coming from? Who’s growing it and how? But most importantly, is this a quality product that is safe for me to consume? There...

Vangst: A Cannabis Recruiting Platform Founded by WNY Native Karson Humiston

East Aurora-native Karson Humiston has made a name for herself as the founder and CEO of Vangst. If you haven’t heard of it, Vangst is a cannabis industry recruiting platform that links employers with job candidates, from executives to entry-level positions (think Indeed for the cannabis indus...

Cases of Children Consuming Cannabis Edibles Up 600%

According to the Upstate NY Poison Center, cases of children exposed to cannabis edibles have increased sixfold since 2019. In 2019, the center received just 22 calls regarding kids or teenagers under 19 years old that had consumed cannabis edibles. As of August 2022, the center has addressed 124 c...

Headshop Highlight: Elevated Smoke Shop

Looking for something to do on a long weekend? Take a visit to Cheektowaga and you’ll see why Elevated Smoke Shop is Buffalo’s premier shop for local and artist made glass. If you’re someone who appreciates a good piece of glass and you haven’t been to Elevated Smoke Shop the...

SLA Solutions is Helping NY Entrepreneurs Win Cannabis Licenses

SLA Solutions has been actively preparing to offer its clients cannabis licensing services for years, even prior to the legalization of cannabis in NY in 2021. SLA founder, Robert Heil, along with his team, have been serving clients in Western NY with state licensing needs for almost two decades. SL...

Legislative Update: New York Opens its Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary

In our last article, we covered the proposed Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (“CAURD”) regulations. During the public comment period, the Cannabis Control Board received more than 600 public comments. After addressing commenters’ concerns, the Board approved the final regul...
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