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The Queen B Makes a Hive of CBD


By Max Fisher

Beyoncé: everyone knows the name and everyone knows that the woman is easily one of the most talented people ever to walk the earth.

Listing her numerous accomplishments over her 20+ year career would be little more than a waste of time at this point. To put it bluntly, the woman does just about everything, and the truly maddening thing about it is she does everything exceedingly well.

And now Queen B herself is branching into the CBD market, which can only mean tremendous things to come for the CBD industry as a whole.

So, let’s discuss what exactly this entails.

Beyoncé is one of the most beloved people on the planet. Men, women, children, dogs, cats, and yes, even bees, hang on this woman’s every word as if it were nothing less than the gospel.

She has a die-hard fan base (The Bey Hive) that will destroy you and your family’s digital lives if you say anything with a hint of negativity about their gracious queen (they don’t play, so it’s best not to take any chances).

And with all that sway she possesses with her supporters, the benefits of CBD can be enjoyed by a whole host of people that may have never even heard of it before Beyoncé’s venture into the industry.

The Queen B’s reasoning for getting into the CBD business in the first place was discussed in the August edition of Harper’s bazaar, where she says, “I discovered CBD on my last tour, and I’ve experienced its benefits for soreness and inflammation. It helped with my restless nights and the agitation that comes from not being able to fall asleep.”

If someone as seemingly outer-worldly as Beyoncé openly expresses and praises the benefits of CBD for such common uses as pain relief, inflammation relief, and a way to calmly fall asleep, others will surely give it a shot.

Dancing with the grace and beauty of a refined and technical ballerina, singing like the closest thing imaginable to an angel (it’s very hard not to heap praise on Beyoncé, and believe it or not, I’m trying not to). Yet despite all these extraordinary things that she constantly does, she is, in fact, still human, and, thus, experiences the same common ailments that everyone else does.

CBD in this context can be used as a means to humanize her further (I mean, no one thinks she’s a literal alien, but it’s hard to see her as anything else than a queen. That’s the image we’ve been fed for years). As a result, CBD becomes a relatable tool to be used by everyone. Like any product marketed to the public, it takes someone famous and wealthy to make it expand its popularity and reach.

CBD is no different, other than the possible expansion in reach and popularity has the potential to be truly massive now that she has hitched her wagon to it.

This is, perhaps, a no-brainer. The potential benefit to the CBD/cannabis market could be huge.

Popularity and profit go hand-in-hand. That’s just business 101. If someone of stature puts their weight behind it, the industry in which that product is a part of will see a substantial boom. And this will be the case with CBD.

Plus, if you add in the fact that her husband (some guy named Jay-Z?) has made many strides of his own to set up shop in the cannabis industry. The potential for a giant boom in both fields is almost a foregone conclusion.

With the possible revenue generated, the avenues for research in health and wellness can be virtually limitless as well. Not to mention the added revenue something like this could have on the local economies of cities around the country since CBD and cannabis are now legal and more widely available than ever before.

Perhaps the most apparent but essential aspect of this entire venture is that it’s being spearheaded by a black woman. Put the Grammy’s, the glamour, the social prowess, and talent aside for a moment (I know it’s tough but give it a shot, I’m trying to make a point here). When you boil it down, it’s a black woman going into business not just for herself, but to help others.

Celebrity prowess or not, that’s always a good thing to see, and more is always welcomed and encouraged, because people get inspired by what they see. It may not be that everyone who sees Beyoncé starting a CBD business will run out and create one of their own, but maybe seeing this will give strength to other people of all ages, creeds, and colors to start their own ventures.

Again, it all comes down to possibilities, but it’s good to see that all of them from this venture are extremely positive, and may have the benefit of uplifting a great many to go out and reach for their goals.

Beyoncé has so many feathers in every cap that she wears, and this new CBD venture is yet another one. The potential for this to help people with pain, inflammation, or just those who need a natural way to fall asleep is astounding. Whether or not the business turns out to be a money-generating machine for decades is uncertain, but it’s blatantly obvious that it will generate a ton of revenue based on name recognition alone.

If getting people to try something that can benefit them dramatically has to have the Queen’s name on it to capture the masses’ attention, so be it. She is a fair and benevolent Queen, so we all know she will steer us in the right direction, that’s why the people choose her as their Queen in the first place.


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