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10 Great TV Shows for Cannabis Lovers


Not too many people know this, but stoners created the whole concept of “binge-watching.”

It’s true! Who would sit down and watch 15 hours of television in one go? Well, when you’ve just smoked five blunts to the face, you try getting the remote and switching to something else.

It’s one of those urban legends/facts that stoners don’t get the credit for, like McDonald’s serving all-day breakfast or the creation of the Doritos taco (who else could have come up with that? Be honest with yourself).

Although the annals of history will continue to disregard the inventions of stoners for many years to come, the act of binge-watching is one of the stoner’s favorite pastimes and still holds many joys. So, how about we talk about a few of the great stoner TV shows? And don’t worry, just sit back and get comfy. I’ll do all the work.

Trailer Park Boys. Trailer parks always seem to get a bad rep, but the way Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian go about their day, I can’t help but think it’s a hell of a lot of fun to live in a trailer park. Whether it’s utterly ridiculous get rich schemes or weird Christmas specials, you’re guaranteed to at least rethink your stance on trailer parks (I mean, have you seen those double-wide trailers? They’re pretty cool, and if you park it at the trailer park, I bet most people will think you’re Richie Rich. I don’t know. It’s something to think about. That’s all I’m saying). That’s trailer park life.

Rick and Morty. “Oh gee Rick, I don’t know.” Ah, the unwilling slogan of a 14-year-old boy before he is put into another odd, yet exhilarating adventure by his uncle. Whether it’s pickles fighting Danny Trejo or episodes taking place on moving trains that comment on the meta-narrative of storytelling, Rick and Morty can be incredibly dumb as well as extremely smart, and that’s why the stoners love it (wubba lubba dub-dub and a good day to you, too).

Freaks and Geeks. Before Judd Apatow’s 40-Year-Old Virgin had people scared to get their chest waxed, before This is 40 had people afraid of turning 40 (man, I just realized this guy has some real hangups around 40 years of age. I’m sorry, man, but it’s going to happen, so you might as well roll with it. Of course, I’m only 26, so I’m sure I’ll be complaining when I’m closer to that number as well). Before all of this, he gave us a show that perfectly crystallized the high school experience, and that show is called Freaks and Geeks. Canceled way before its time and showcasing the early partnership of Seth Rogen and James Franco, the show is an absolute gem. If you still haven’t seen it, you’re doing yourself a significant disservice.

Superjail! Can one actually describe Superjail!? Imagine Looney Tunes on acid, then imagine the violence and gore of a 70s grindhouse flick, and you’re still not quite there yet. But you’re close enough to Superjail!.

Weeds. Travel back with me to 2005 where weed is still a big no-no to anyone over 35, but yet here comes this show about a suburban widowed housewife who starts selling weed in order to support herself and her family. Supposedly this is based on a true story, but I’m pretty sure it’s just embellishing a lot of stuff. The show hasn’t aged all that well (wait, so you’re telling me this lady from the suburbs is a big-time drug dealer because she occasionally sells a pound of weed on a perfect day?), but it sure is a fun curiosity from the past.

High Maintenance. High Maintenance is like the realistic counterpart to Weeds. A marijuana dealer in Brooklyn delivers his goods via bicycle to stressed-out clients across New York City. No cushy suburban life to lay back on. It’s just a guy on his bike trying to make a living. It’s funny, but there are some definite kernels of realism in there as well.

That 70s Show. Who doesn’t know about this timeless classic? Six friends who try to figure things out while going through wacky adventures. (Can you believe they made a That 80s Show? What? You never heard of it? My point exactly.)

Cooked with Cannabis. Think Top Chef meets your college roommate Darrell with the awesome bong (and crazy edibles that had you sleeping for 12 hours straight praying that you didn’t miss your civics 200 class because then you’d have to take the whole semester over again. Damn, you got to love Darrell. What a guy), and you’ve got Cooking with Cannabis.

Weediquette. A news docu-series that focuses solely on cannabis legalization and cannabis topics— interviewing and focusing on those who are knowledgeable about the subject, instead of a bunch of blowhards vying for screen time? Who needs CNN when you have this?

Broad City. What was once a web series about two 20-somethings trying to traverse New York City, blossomed into a Comedy Central TV show about two 20-somethings doing the same, and it was glorious! At times crude and raunchy, and other times subtly eye-opening, Broad City is one of those great shows that didn’t overstay its welcome, and, as a result, stuck the landing.

That’s just a sliver of some of the great TV shows for cannabis lovers. There are many more, but I can see that you took my invitation to get comfy a bit too literal and now the sofa has engulfed you in all its leathery goodness like a sailor taken in by the sea. So, I take my leave until next time. And remember, a lot of the cool stuff in the world (TV shows included) comes from stoners. They may never get the proper recognition they deserve, but those who know, know… you know?


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