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Gronkowski and Abacus Score Big


Regarded as one of the best tight ends of the 2010’s, Rob Gronkowski played nine years with the New England Patriots before retiring in March of 2019, as he suffered various injuries over the years. Not only that, but at the time, he could no longer tolerate the strain of a contact sport.

Rob knew that he needed to leave the team when he couldn’t sleep at night due to pain.

He was informed about Abacus from his father, who also was a former college football player. At one point, Rob admitted that he literally cried while lying in bed because he couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep through the night.

Rob Gronkowski partnered with Abacus Health Products, a company that specializes in CBDMEDIC topical cream to relieve pain for athletes. Gronkowski has been an avid advocate for athletes, both professional and the private sector. This is perfect, because CBDMEDIC also helps people who have chronic symptoms of arthritis, joint, neck, and back pain. Also helps stiffness and swelling.

What Does CBDMEDIC Do for Athletes?

CBDMEDIC products are available over the counter around the country and can be found at retail pharmacy outlets and other retail stores that sell herbal products. Rob and Abacus have made meaningful changes in pro sports over the last several years. CBDMEDIC can now lead the professional sports world within the health industry. Including pain management for arthritis, which is a strong attribute of a bright future for CBDMEDIC.

The Abacus CEO is delighted to hear that Rob Gronkowski has made a huge comeback to pro football after leaving for two seasons to aid his pain through the Abacus relief products. He’s more than appreciative that Rob Gronkowski has made an impact on CBDMEDIC and has been able to assist many individuals who have chronic pain and are in need of a road to recovery.

Abacaus Makes an Impression at Benefit

Rob Gronkowski has made a remarkable recovery with CBDMEDIC. This allowed him last season to return to professional football as TE with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He made a debut with SURVIVE & THRIVE, consisting of a team of celebrities, that hosted a benefit to support the COVID-19 Celebrity Challenge for the Arthritis Foundation. Celebrities did a live video on social media back in April of 2020 to raise money for individuals who were isolated during the COVID-19 quarantine.

What Do Abacus Products Contain?

Abacus products are combined with organic and natural ingredients that evolve through plant growth. They’re a combination of hemp and CBD from the cannabis plant. The products that Abacus is known for are safe and ready for use as a health regimen to assist in the therapeutic aid of skincare, essential oils, moisturizers, and topical creams for arthritis pain relief. All Abacus products are TCH-free and combined with CBD-rich hemp oils that empower a different formula which interacts with the body’s ability to target and relieve the pain.

Abacus products are implemented to educate people that need to recover from severe pain in healthier ways. Hemp and natural oils can improve an individual’s lifestyle by means of the legitimate use of these products. Abacus products can help improve millions of Americans’ lives who suffer from chronic pain.

Abacus is a growing company with two lines of products, CBDMEDIC and CBDCLINIC. They have been handling their business partnerships with ease and will continue to thrive in their future endeavors. The products Abacus produces will help people recover smoothly from their pain.

Now you can see how Rob Gronkowski played a significant role in partnering with Abacus Products, as together, they helped many Americans through CBDMEDIC.


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