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Legalization: 1 Small Step for Psychonauts

Are Psychedelics Up Next? The legalization of cannabis marks an important step in a larger effort to decriminalize and eventually legalize other drugs. The fascinating world of psychedelics is quickly making its way into public discourse. Just like cannabis, psychedelics (hallucinogens) are Schedul...

Multiple Sclerosis and Medical Cannabis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a degenerative disease of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) where the body’s immune system degrades the protective covering around axons known as the myelin sheath.This affects the brain’s communication between other neurons, leading to various...

Cannabis Has a Packaging Problem

Whether it’s cartoon characters on the legacy market or unsustainable industry practices, cannabis packaging needs to be re-imagined. You might be noticing a trend that has infiltrated the cannabis space for quite some time now: problematic packaging. The problem is 3-fold. First, there&rsqu...

From Shakedown Street to Main Street

Dave was raised on Grateful Dead’s music. His parents were die-hard Dead fans, and he grew up frequently attending festivals and concerts with them. When Dave was old enough, he began following the Dead and bands like Phish around the United States in his van with his girlfriend and dog. He st...

A Potential Game-Changer for PTSD: MAPS PBC Files First NDA for MDMA-Assisted Therapy

MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (MAPS PBC), a leader in rethinking mental healthcare, has taken a major step towards revolutionizing PTSD treatment. They've submitted a New Drug Application (NDA) to the FDA for MDMA-assisted therapy, potentially opening the door to the first psychedelic-based treatm...

Interview with Paul Rushton, PhD: President & CSO of LPC Naturals

With Geoff Brown In our last issue, you may have noticed our centerfold ad for Prime Superior products; a versatile group of soil and plant enhancers that harness the natural power of the Beauveria bassiana fungus. The Prime Superior product line is produced by LPC Naturals, a new plant biotechnolo...

New York to Launch Cannabis Farmers' Markets to Unclog Supply Chain

New York is set to launch a pilot program for cannabis farmers' markets this summer, in an effort to unclog the state's legal cannabis supply chain. Many people, including members of the Cannabis Association of New York and Cannabis Farmers Association showed support for these “Grower Showcas...

Cannabis Quality Gets a Check Mark: CTND & Nova Launch State-of-the-Art Lab in New York

The burgeoning cannabis market in New York just got a major boost with the announcement of a joint venture between Certified Testing & Data (CTND) and Nova Analytic Labs (Nova). The two companies are launching a state-of-the-art testing lab in Albany, NY, to provide essential services to the ind...


2020 was an unprecedented year for us all, but that did not hold back a group of WNY cannabis advocates, educators and entrepreneurs from launching a cannabis competition and event platform that is already making a big impact in the NYS cannabis community and beyond. Rochester-based FLWR CITY Colle...
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