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Cannabis Equity in New York State

Drastic Action is Needed for NY to Achieve its Goals for Equity in Cannabis The term “social equity” could be the most highly used phrase in New York’s cannabis industry. Despite an unprecedented effort by lawmakers to ensure a diverse industry that affords real economic opportuni...

Higher Education: Colleges and Universities Move to Embrace Cannabis

Years ago, the idea of cannabis-centric degree programs would seem unimaginable. Now, colleges all across the state are designing programs tailored to the needs of the cannabis industry, and rightly so. Estimates show that the New York market could create 30,000-60,000 jobs in the coming years. Role...

Financial Institutions Remain Wary of Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Entrepreneurs Should Plan Banking Strategy NowThose hoping to enter New York State’s emerging cannabis industry will likely have to navigate an obstacle that many other businesspeople do not face: the reluctance of banks to deal with proceeds from the sale of goods that are legal unde...

Cannabis Use in the Elderly: More Common Than You Think

BY DR. LASZLO MECHTLER  For many individuals, including the elderly, the use of cannabis, even as a part of one’s treatment regimen is relatively taboo. Over the last 100 years, this medicine has been vilified and subjected to a great deal of misinformation and stereotyping, a great deal...

Delta-8 THC: Local Study Shows Promise

THE ADVENT OF DELTA-8 HAS ALLOWED THE HEMP INDUSTRY TO CREATE PRODUCTS SIMILAR TO THEIR LEGAL CANNABIS COUNTERPARTS. AT A CANNABIS PROTEST called Hash Bash, Dr. Jessica Kruger, a clinical assistant professor at the University at Buffalo, and Dr. Daniel Kruger, a research investigator at the Univers...

Cannabis Has a Packaging Problem

Whether it’s cartoon characters on the legacy market or unsustainable industry practices, cannabis packaging needs to be re-imagined. You might be noticing a trend that has infiltrated the cannabis space for quite some time now: problematic packaging. The problem is 3-fold. First, there&rsqu...

The Queen B Makes a Hive of CBD

By Max Fisher Beyoncé: everyone knows the name and everyone knows that the woman is easily one of the most talented people ever to walk the earth. Listing her numerous accomplishments over her 20+ year career would be little more than a waste of time at this point. To put it bluntly, the wo...

9 Best Comics for When You’re High

I like books as much as the next guy, but I’ll be the first to tell you nothing beats a comic book, and furthermore, nothing beats a comic book when you’re high! You get into this zone if you’re really engrossed in the story, where it becomes almost like an interactive movie where...

Indica vs Sativa Doesn’t Mean What You Think

The idea of indica vs sativa is inevitable to encounter if you’re familiar with the world of weed. But it might not be so simple. When one looks to purchase cannabis they are often confronted with the question: sativa, indica, or hybrid? If you were to ask what the difference is, one might be...
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