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Cuomo Resignation May Speed up Legalization

For several years now, many states in the US have made the decision to decriminalize marijuana possession and allow the growing and distribution of recreational marijuana. While many states still have yet to make headway on this groundbreaking change in policy, New York was feeling the pressure to d...

Cuomo, COVID-19, and Cannabis Legalization

As part of the Governor’s State of the State address, Andrew Cuomo(D) announced another proposal for cannabis legalization which would create an equitable adult-use cannabis program this year. Gov. Cuomo has previously stated that legalizing cannabis could be a key way that NY makes an econom...

Opinion Piece: Reducing the Stigma

You invite some of your friends over to dinner on a Friday night. They show up with a bottle of wine, you have a couple laughs, and share the bottle over some Penne alla vodka. Does this scenario sound out of the ordinary or character-defining? Society accepts and often glorifies the use of alcohol...

Amidst COVID-19, Legalization may have to wait

Governor Andrew Cuomo was optimistic that NY lawmakers would pass adult-use cannabis legislation this year. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to derail the governor’s plan and delay legalization yet again. The simplest path to legalization is approving the plan as part of the Governor&rsqu...

The Research Conundrum

As many of us are aware, marijuana/cannabis is a Schedule 1 controlled substance. This means it’s in the same class as drugs of abuse like heroin, LSD, and magic mushrooms. Schedule 1 status is reserved for drugs with a high potential for abuse, with no accepted medical use.  Passionate...

Scientific Update Fall 2019

This article was first seen in print as part of our Scientific Update column where readers can catch up on the latest scientific news about cannabis as it relates to our region. Researchers Debate NY Medical Marijuana Laws in Journal of the American Medical Association. In February of this year, r...

Cuomo Says it’s Time to Legalize It

Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to legalize recreational marijuana in NYS. The news came during a speech given on Monday, where the governor outlined priorities for 2019. Also included in the speech were plans to put an end to the disparities in the criminal justice system that all too often affect Afri...

City of Buffalo Gets New Medical Marijuana Dispensary

A new medical marijuana dispensary has opened in downtown Buffalo. The Botanist is the retail brand of industry giant, Acreage Holdings (CNQ: ACRG.U). The dispensary is located on Seneca Street across from the Pierce-Arrow Transportation Museum.  The store currently stocks products from other...

What will Recreational Marijuana Look like in New York?

Will individuals be able to grow and consume their own recreational marijuana? Will commercial growth and sale be restricted to the companies already operating under the state’s medical program OR will recreational laws attract, or even require, more companies to supply the region? Some are...
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