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Headshop Highlight: Elevated Smoke Shop


Looking for something to do on a long weekend? Take a visit to Cheektowaga and you’ll see why Elevated Smoke Shop is Buffalo’s premier shop for local and artist made glass. If you’re someone who appreciates a good piece of glass and you haven’t been to Elevated Smoke Shop then you’re missing out. The glass offered not only looks like intricate works of handmade art, these mind-blowing pieces are functional and definitely get the job done. Elevated Smoke Shop offers a wide variety of water and dry glass accouterments. Pass on glass? If you’re more of a paper person, you will also find a medley of papers and wraps. From Backwoods, to Swishers, to Raw (and more), no matter how you want to smoke it Elevated Smoke Shop has what you need to roll up. They also offer a wide variety of vape options and cartridges. You will also find unique gifts-like scent-proof stash boxes, butter-infusers,  glow-in-the-dark 3D Art Tapestries, and trinkets- for yourself or for your fellow bud enthusiasts. Elevated Smoke Shop has everything you need to elevate your next session.

Enlighten your cannabis experience and take your next session to the next level with a visit to Elevated Smoke Shop. Prefer CBD or Delta 8? Elevated Smoke Shop has you covered there, too. They also offer Delta 10, Kratom, and THCO if that’s more your speed. Or pick up a Herbal Butter Maker and make your own delicious infused munchies at home. Elevated Smoke Shop sells a variety of cookware designed with elevated munching in mind. Find specialty items for your home and elevate your space with kush candles, incense, and odor spray. Elevated Smoke Shop is a haven for anyone who enjoys taking a lift and appreciates cannabis in any of its amazing forms.

Elevated Smoke Shop sells a unique variety of torch lighters, grinders, bamboo rolling trays, and more. At Elevated Smoke Shop, you’ll find a large selection of crystals including rough, tumbles, geodes, and cut pieces. With spooky season upon us, there is no better time to enhance your crystal collection. After you cleanse your soul with your new crystals, you can clean your bong and other glass pipes, with their conclusive selection of glass cleaners. Because nothing says you’re an elevated stoner like a clean bong! And not like you need another reason to take a drive to 7 Kelly Dr in Cheektowaga, (did we mention torch lighters?) but Elevated Smoke Shop is also extremely vocal in supporting local cannabis causes and supports the local cannabis community in a multitude of ways. Make sure you’re following them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all the dope stuff they’re up to! They’re also known to do some pretty dope giveaways from time to time so definitely don’t snooze on following them on social media. Don’t just get high, get elevated with a trip to Elevated Smoke Shop at 7 Kelly Drive in Cheektowaga.



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