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Business Spotlight: Sativa Remedy


Company Profile
Company Name: Sativa Remedy
Tagline: “Hemp Made Easy”
Social: @SativaRemedy 

About the Company:
Sativa Remedy sells industrial hemp CBD products.

Wow, Factor:
Sativa Remedy searches for and vets CBD manufacturers throughout the country. This means they stock and sell only premium products from the best suppliers in the country.

About the founders:
Founded in 2018, Sativa Remedy is the brainchild of Nhi Kha and John Frazier. Nhi, originally from Vietnam, moved to Buffalo when she was 5 years old and eventually graduated from UB with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Health & Human Services. John, originally from Washington state, landed in Buffalo and worked as a corporate investigator before leaving to work on Sativa Remedy full-time.

How did Sativa Remedy come to be?

We were originally interested in medical cannabis and we entered a business competition through UB’s Blackstone Launchpad. We placed in the finals of that competition. I think after that competition we both realized that this idea was really worth pursuing.

After doing a lot of research we found a lot of barriers to entry in the medical cannabis industry, so we decided to shift our sights to hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) products.

What does Sativa Remedy do differently than other Hemp CBD companies out there?

There are a ton of hemp CBD products being sold that we wouldn’t trust or put in our own bodies, so we decided to create a store that only uses suppliers and sells products that we personally research, review, test, and vet ourselves.

We focus on quality from seed to sale. We search for farmers here in the U.S. that grow strains rich in cannabinoid and terpene content. All of the brands we carry are full plant-derived and use hemp genetics which results in overall superior products.

We personally review the laboratory Certificates of Analysis for every product we carry and make sure that information is available for our customers.

Another thing that really sets us apart is our presence in the community. We regularly attend events (usually on the weekends) in Buffalo. We sell our products at these events, we speak with people, and help educate them on cannabidiol supplementation.

Where are you guys located?

We’re currently located at 31 Main St. in North Tonawanda. You can also make a purchase online or check out our event schedule and meet us at an event.

What is the future for Sativa Remedy?

Throughout 2019 we plan to further expand our product line. We’re always keeping an eye out for the best new hemp products that come to market. We’ve also secured a new storefront in North Tonawanda and we’d like to make this a meeting place for the local cannabis community. We want to provide education and create a space for all to visit, learn, shop, and purchase hemp.


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