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5 Tips Before Visiting Your First NY Medical Dispensary

If you’re wondering how you should prepare for visiting a medical dispensary for the first time, read these tips!   1. Prepare your paper recommendation. Ensure that the name of your recommending provider is on the form and that your doctor has signed and dated the form. 2. Ensure you...

Flora California Prime Seeks Partnership with Roswell Park

Flora California Prime Inc. is aiming to develop a cannabis production and research facility at Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park. Flora also seeks to partner with Roswell Park Cancer Institute to conduct research on cannabis products. While there is no official partnership in place, the two organiza...

UB signs Deal with The Center for Discovery to Research Cannabinoids & Autism

Caption The University at Buffalo’s Center for Integrated Biomedical Sciences signed yet another deal with The Center for Discovery (TCFD). TCFD is a New York State Center of Excellence that provides medical care and educational services for individuals with developmental disabilities....

Jushi Acquires MEND. Plans to Work with Local Grower to Develop CBD Products

Jushi Inc., has acquired MEND (Medicinal Excellence in Neurological Disorders, LLC), a Buffalo-based cannabis research company. The deal added Laszlo L. Mechtler, a Neurologist at the Dent Institute and Medical Director of Dent’s cannabis clinic to the leadership at Jushi. The company will wo...

Buffalo’s Waterfront may soon be Home to a $200M Cannabis Cultivation and Research Facility

Zephyr Partners, a San Diego based development company, agreed to purchase 72 acres of land at Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park in hopes of building a cannabis cultivation and research facility. The deal is contingent on legislative changes that allow more cannabis cultivators to operate in the state....

What will Recreational Marijuana Look like in New York?

Will individuals be able to grow and consume their own recreational marijuana? Will commercial growth and sale be restricted to the companies already operating under the state’s medical program OR will recreational laws attract, or even require, more companies to supply the region? Some are...

Cuomo Says it’s Time to Legalize It

Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to legalize recreational marijuana in NYS. The news came during a speech given on Monday, where the governor outlined priorities for 2019. Also included in the speech were plans to put an end to the disparities in the criminal justice system that all too often affect Afri...

CBD is Psychoactive

I can’t count the number of times I’ve read or heard the following phrase “Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis.” I know what people mean, but what they say and what they mean are completely different. CBD is in fact, psychoactive. First, let&rsquo...

Trump Signs Farm Bill: Hemp Now Legal

President Donald J. Trump signed the Agricultural Improvement Act, commonly referred to as the “Farm Bill,” into law on Thursday. The bill removes hemp from the list of federally controlled substances. Hemp is defined as Cannabis with a THC concentration less than or equal to 0.3 percen...
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