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The Blunt Reality of Trademark Registration for Cannabis Marks

With the list of states that have legalized adult-use cannabis continuing to grow, businesses are entering the industry at a rapid pace. However, one of the biggest questions facing these businesses is how to develop and protect their brands within the bounds of conflicting state and federal law.&nb...

What to expect with legalization in New York

In New York, everybody from the entrepreneur to the connoisseur is asking one question: “How can I get involved in the legal weed industry?” Although it is technically legal, you shouldn’t turn on the lights and pitch a tent—yet. Currently, implementation of the adult-use pr...

Niagara Community College Now Offers Cannabis Courses

As interest in cannabis grows and society begins to accept its culture more and more, the demand for it greatly intensifies. Along with this follows the demand for qualified individuals who are trained to properly grow it. These specialists are called horticulturists. Horticulture is the branch of...

Flora Buffalo

This article was first seen in print in our cannabis community column.  Flora – California Prime, a California-based company has its sights on Buffalo for the location of a 1.25 million square foot cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution facility. It will be located near Bu...

Deciphering THC/CBD Ratios

By Melissa Moore  There are over 400 compounds in the Cannabis Sativa plant. The two most prominent compounds are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). When purchasing medical cannabis products, you will notice that they have an assigned THC to CBD ratio. A variety of ratios are av...

What will Recreational Marijuana Look like in New York?

Will individuals be able to grow and consume their own recreational marijuana? Will commercial growth and sale be restricted to the companies already operating under the state’s medical program OR will recreational laws attract, or even require, more companies to supply the region? Some are...

Buffalo’s Waterfront may soon be Home to a $200M Cannabis Cultivation and Research Facility

Zephyr Partners, a San Diego based development company, agreed to purchase 72 acres of land at Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park in hopes of building a cannabis cultivation and research facility. The deal is contingent on legislative changes that allow more cannabis cultivators to operate in the state....

$2 Million worth of Illicit Cannabis Seized at Lewiston-Queenston Bridge

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized more than 1,000 lbs. of illicit cannabis at the Lewiston-Queenston bridge on Monday. A large shipment of cannabis was discovered in a commercial vehicle entering the U.S. via the Lewiston-Queenston bridge. The vehicle was sent for a non-intrusive e...

Charlotte’s Web Launches THC-Free CBD Oil Tinctures to Help Frontline Heroes

Charlotte’s Web is a pioneer in the hemp industry, breaking ground for the generous lineup of options that the modern CBD enthusiast can enjoy. The brand was one of the first to launch full-spectrum hemp formulas including tinctures and other delivery methods that introduce cannabidiol into th...
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