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Charlotte’s Web Launches THC-Free CBD Oil Tinctures to Help Frontline Heroes


Charlotte’s Web is a pioneer in the hemp industry, breaking ground for the generous lineup of options that the modern CBD enthusiast can enjoy. The brand was one of the first to launch full-spectrum hemp formulas including tinctures and other delivery methods that introduce cannabidiol into the body through different means. They also legitimized the market by developing strict quality standards that are still followed throughout the industry.

Best known for their full-spectrum oils, which contain every compound in hemp including THC, the brand has since developed a formula specifically for healthcare workers who have been on the front line of the COVID crisis over the past year. While the company is a big believer in full-spectrum hemp, which promotes the entourage effect through possessing every naturally occurring compound in the plant, they have since introduced a THC-free tincture line specifically for the front line heroes we owe our thanks to.

There is no doubt that being up close and personal with the COVID pandemic has taken a massive toll on healthcare workers. An alarming 93% of healthcare workers have experienced severe stress or anxiety in the last year. There’s a similarly concerning number of individuals showing signs of depression and burnout due to the enormous pressure in the workplace, combined with the devastating effects of seeing declining health among patients. Add to that the fear of getting sick and bringing the virus home to one’s family, and you have a recipe for compromised mental health. About 76% of those interviewed displayed symptoms of burnout.

Charlotte’s Web has been a company that’s vocal about their belief in the power of cannabinoids like CBD (short for cannabidiol). With more and more studies showing that these compounds can offer equilibrium to both the body and mind, while being gentle, natural and holistic, the company has advocated for CBD usage among healthcare workers as a potential means to combat symptoms of burnout and declining mental health.

But, surveys have shown that healthcare workers would be more likely to try CBD if it came in THC-free formulas. Federal law permits hemp products to contain up to 0.3% THC, which is what naturally occurs in hemp. As it’s not enough to be psychoactive, it doesn’t make hemp an intoxicating substance.

However, healthcare workers are largely discouraged from consuming THC in any form, and while this small amount isn’t likely to show up in a drug test, most healthcare workers do not want the risk. Needless to say, THC in psychoactive doses is strictly forbidden among those who work in healthcare.

Charlotte’s Web’s line of THC-free CBD oils was developed specifically for healthcare workers who feel they may benefit from hemp but must avoid THC completely. Their new 25mg tinctures come in 10 and 30ml sizes and have been lab-tested for purity and quality just like all of their other products.

These formulas are not just for healthcare workers, either. There have been all kinds of front line heroes assisting us during the COVID pandemic, including law enforcement officials, teachers and more. All of these individuals have been impacted by the COVID crisis in some way and have continued to show up to their jobs each day to serve the public. These tinctures act as the brand’s way to give back to these individuals and offer them the relief they deserve.

This initiative is just one of many from the brand that aims to use their knowledge of cannabidiol to benefit society as a whole. Furthermore, it adds legitimacy to the industry by showing that people of all walks of life can seek relief with cannabidiol.


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