About the magazine

CannaBuff magazine was started in 2019 (around the peak of the CBD craze). Originally printed on newsprint, the magazine was produced on a printing press by the Jamestown Post-Journal and was hand-delivered to retail businesses across WNY. Since then, we’ve upgraded our print quality to improve our pass rate and greatly enhanced our distribution network. The magazine is free and hosts a broad range of conversations on the flourishing cannabis industry in WNY. Our articles cover local cannabis news, lifestyle, and culture. From regulatory changes and research updates, to politics, art, entertainment, and food and drink. Our readers are medical patients, cannabis enthusiasts, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and more. They’re interested in their health and wellness and are curious how cannabis and CBD can improve their lives. They enjoy music, art, food, beverages, and nightlife; from craft fairs to craft beer, our readers represent a wide range of interests and activities. More importantly, our readers are your customers. As we grow, we look to add partners who want to join us in creating a community and conversation around cannabis which promotes safety, wellbeing, social equity, and ends the stigma associated with cannabis.

Where to find the magazine

The magazine can be found at head shops, dispensaries, and hemp-CBD stores throughout Buffalo and WNY. Also at all Spot Coffees and Erie County Public Libraries. Or you can subscribe to receive copies via mail or email. We publish issues every March, June, September, and December.


Our mission is to establish Buffalo as a hub in the cannabis movement.

We aim to foster a more verdant cannabis industry in the Buffalo Niagara region and throughout the rest of WNY. We highlight the successes and many difficulties faced by businesses operating in this industry. By showing off some of Buffalo’s success stories and the challenges they’ve faced to get where they are, we bolster local brands and businesses and fulfill our main goal; putting Buffalo on the map in the cannabis industry.

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Issue 06 Winter 2021