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Ascend Wellness Holdings Acquires MedMen’s NY Operation

The cannabis industry is going strong, and legalization throughout the country is changing the way we purchase cannabis products. There is a growing demand for cannabis both medicinally and recreationally and physical dispensaries are popping up more and more to provide in-person access to a wide ra...

Columbia Care Creates Credit Card to Help Patients Pay for Costly Medical Marijuana Products

A major barrier to medical marijuana for many patients is the high cost of the products. Medical Marijuana is not covered by insurance, so patients are forced to pay out of pocket, usually in cash.  Columbia Care, a cannabis company with a dispensary in Rochester now offers patients the option...

Dispensaries Slash Prices

NY’s MM program has been criticized for many reasons, but one complaint has finally been addressed by medical dispensaries, the steep price tag on products. MedMen, Etain, and Columbia Care dispensaries throughout the region have reduced prices on their products. On October 1st according to...

New York to Launch Cannabis Farmers' Markets to Unclog Supply Chain

New York is set to launch a pilot program for cannabis farmers' markets this summer, in an effort to unclog the state's legal cannabis supply chain. Many people, including members of the Cannabis Association of New York and Cannabis Farmers Association showed support for these “Grower Showcas...

Medical Cannabis Companies to Cough up $20M Fee

Cannabis was legalized in New York State more than two and half years ago and only 13 licensed dispensaries have opened since.  So far, the rising demand for cannabis has been partially filled by more than 1400 illicit cannabis stores that have opened across the state, more on this on page 21....

Women in Cannabis: A look inside NY’s only Female Owned and Operated Medical Marijuana Company

This article was first seen in print and was produced in collaboration with Courtney Friedline (IG: @TheCannaBroad) and CannaHaven. Women have long been the healers and caretakers of this world and it only makes sense that women are emerging as leaders in the medical cannabis industry. It is widely...

5 Tips Before Visiting Your First NY Medical Dispensary

If you’re wondering how you should prepare for visiting a medical dispensary for the first time, read these tips!   1. Prepare your paper recommendation. Ensure that the name of your recommending provider is on the form and that your doctor has signed and dated the form. 2. Ensure you...

Hochul Takes Aim at Illicit Dispensaries

While the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) has struggled to get dispensaries opened up throughout the state, they’ve continued to battle the pervasive problem of countless illicit dispensaries stealing market share from licensed or soon-to-be licensed dispensaries. Since decriminalization d...

DOH Proposes Medical Marijuana Registrants purchase Hemp from Licensed Growers in the State.

A new rule proposed by the Department of Health last week aims to help the state’s medical marijuana and hemp research programs work together. Currently, medical marijuana organizations are only allowed to produce products using marijuana they’ve grown themselves, or purchase it from ot...
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