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New York Bites Back: First Cannabis Recall Targets Untested Gummies


New York's recreational marijuana program just took a quality control bite out of a bad batch. The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) issued the state's first cannabis product recall, targeting a single lot of "Jenny's Zee Zee gummies" for skipping mandatory safety testing.

The recall covers gummies sold between September 4th and November 1st, 2023, at licensed dispensaries across New York. The offending batch bears the number ZZ-23-07-13-0001. Retailers and distributors are required to pull these gummies from shelves immediately, while consumers can return them for a full refund.

While the OCM deems this a "precautionary measure" with no reported adverse effects, it raises concerns about potential lapses in quality control. How did untested gummies enter the legal market? This incident highlights the ongoing struggle of New York's young adult-use program against a thriving illicit market.

Currently, less than three dozen legal dispensaries operate across the state, dwarfed by thousands of unlicensed sellers. However, a glimmer of hope emerges with the upcoming entry of more retailers, including multistate operators, following recent legal settlements. This influx could potentially stabilize the market and improve consumer safety.

The Jenny's Zee Zee recall serves as a wake-up call for New York's cannabis industry. Prioritizing stringent quality control measures is critical to building trust and ensuring consumer safety in this rapidly evolving market.


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