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Corruption in Cannabis: A Multi-State Saga

Recently, the burgeoning cannabis industry in New York State has captivated the attention of entrepreneurs, investors, and consumers alike. Simultaneously, we are beginning to see examples around the country of alleged corruption and illicit practices which threaten that very potential.  As NY...

10 Great TV Shows for Cannabis Lovers

Not too many people know this, but stoners created the whole concept of “binge-watching.” It’s true! Who would sit down and watch 15 hours of television in one go? Well, when you’ve just smoked five blunts to the face, you try getting the remote and switching to something el...

10 Great Books for Cannabis Lovers

Nothing beats a good book and a blunt (or a joint we are not elitist here). There’s something euphoric about becoming engrossed in the pages of a good book and letting the cannabis do its thing; letting your mind relax and allowing the words to flow over you to the point where it becomes a viv...

Headshop Highlight Series: GlassRoots

Headshops aren’t the stereotypical places they were once considered. In this series, we examine the rich culture and history of WNY’s headshops. We hope our readers take the time to visit these shops, browse their impressive product selections and appreciate the amazingly intricate piece...

How to Get a Job in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis & Job Creation A commonly stated benefit of legalizing cannabis is job creation and there has been increased hype about this since the COVID-19 pandemic. Cannabis is one of the few industries that seems to be pandemic proof. Dispensaries were deemed essential businesses and while massi...

Operation Pipe Dream & The Criminalization of the Art of Glass Blowing

Virtually every cannabis enthusiast has, at one point or another, purchased a glass pipe of some kind, whether it be a tiny little one-hitter or a bong large enough to rival the height of its owner. Glass pipes are so common in our cannabis-friendly society that we do not think anything of them when...

10 Great Movies for Cannabis Lovers

So, you just finished smoking. Your apartment looks like a sauna. Now what? Stare at the ceiling and think of the infinite complexities of the universe? Pfftt… ya right Stephen Hawking. You put on a movie. But what movie? Everyone knows the Netflix algorithm can’t be trusted (I don&rsqu...

10 Great Albums for Cannabis Lovers

Why is it you always think right after you’ve smoked a joint that the best songs will just pop into your head? Is smoke entering your lungs the equivalent of putting a quarter in a Jukebox? Well, I have a hard truth to put on you, my friend… high radio always sucks! You always get the w...

Businesses in the Cannabis Industry Respond following the death of George Floyd

by Jack Porcari May 25th marked a tragic day in US history when George Floyd, an unarmed black man accused of using counterfeit money to pay for cigarettes, was killed by a Minneapolis police officer. Americans were outraged by George Floyd’s death, highlighted by the enormous acts of civil d...
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