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Cannabis is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world. Yet most people who use it don’t understand it or how it works. People want the issues surrounding cannabis to be black and white, but the truth is a lot of what we know about cannabis remains a gray area. CannaBuff is illuminating this gray area. We help you sort through what’s said on the street and in the media; cutting straight to the facts. 

Myths and misinformation about cannabis have multiplied as the debate around recreational and medical cannabis intensifies. Information about how to maximize benefits, reduce health risks, and save money on cannabis are few and far between. CannaBuff was created to help you (our readers) do just that! We believe that cannabis is better with the right info.

We’re improving access to that information through our website, magazine, podcasts, and meetups. We believe that pharmacists are an excellent resource for those interested in medical cannabis, so we’re making it easy for you to access them, right on our website.

Whether you’re someone with an illness seeking treatment with medical cannabis or CBD, a consumer with questions about health effects, or if you’re trying to make your mind up about cannabis policy, CannaBuff has the information you need to make informed decisions.

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Cannabis content needs an upgrade.

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It's one-sided

Sites are 3x as likely to mention positive effects as they are harmful or adverse effects.

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It’s not credible

There’s a lot of noise, but there’s no way to tell what’s credible or if it applies to you.

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It lacks depth

Not enough information is provided in sufficient detail and what’s said is often misleading.

Medication Experts Doctors of Pharmacy (PharmDs)

Specialized in Medical Cannabis | Ready to Answer Your Questions About…

  • Drug interactions
  • Routes of administration
  • Side effects/what to expect
  • Adverse effects
  • Dosing and more!



Cannabis pharmacists