About us


annaBuff is the premier source for more credible, more personalized cannabis content. Do you feel that cannabis is so mainstream it’s become difficult to discern what exactly is fact and what’s yet another ploy to get you to buy some Reggie masquerading as some top-shelf medical? Well for those of us that use cannabis for insomnia, to deal with pain, or for other legitimate medical issues this is a severe and tedious problem. Where can someone go to get the straight dope? Just the facts with all the pesky seeds out of the way? Well, they head on over to CannaBuff.com of course.

CannaBuff.com gives readers free access to medical cannabis experts-Doctors of pharmacy (PharmDs) specially trained in medical cannabis, that will personally answer any questions in detail, complete with references.

Did I mention we have a magazine? It started in 2019 as a humble DIY publication printed on newsprint and hand-delivered to businesses across Western New York. The magazine garnered a cult following which blossomed into a substantial one informing readers on local cannabis news, lifestyle, and culture. From regulatory changes and research updates, to politics, art, entertainment, and food and drink. The magazine is available for free to anyone looking to get the truth of this cannabis content storm.