What Are Some Jobs In The Cannabis Industry?

In our latest question and answer, our pharmacist briefly discusses some different roles within the cannabis space.
What Are Some Jobs In The Cannabis Industry?

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What are Some Jobs In the Cannabis Industry?


There are a wide range of job opportunities available in different sectors of the cannabis industry.
Some sectors with job opportunities include cultivation, retail sales, marketing, and compliance.
Additional roles are available in processing, laboratory testing, business consulting and advising.


A Snapshot of Job Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry 

In the last few years, the cannabis industry has experienced exponential growth. Demand for various job roles in different sectors has accompanied this growth. Here are some of the most profitable sectors in the cannabis industry from a job point of view:  


In cannabis cultivation and production, roles such as cultivation technician and master grower are primely important. A cultivation technician is concerned with cultivating and harvesting the cannabis plant, while a master grower oversees the entire cultivation process. Cultivation technicians are concerned with cloning, watering, and pruning the plants, while the master growers concern themselves with plant selection, nutrient management, pest control, and yield optimization.


Bud tender and dispensary manager are primary roles in the retail and sales section. Budtenders often work in dispensaries and help customers select a product by explaining its features. On the other hand, Dispensary managers oversee day-to-day operations in a cannabis dispensary. These include inventory management, staff training, and customer services.


Cannabis scientists are conducting studies on different cannabinoids found in this wondrous plant. Their goal is to study the chemical composition, development of new strains, and evaluation of the therapeutic potential of the cannabis plant as a whole.


Marketing specialists in the cannabis industry are primarily concerned with developing strategies, managing social accounts, and conducting market research. To increase their reach, cannabis setups also hire brand ambassadors.


A compliance officer's job is to meet the company's local and state regulations. Other duties include maintaining records, audits, and strict quality checks.

Additional Roles

Some additional roles in the cannabis industry include:

  • Cannabis extraction specialist
  • Laboratory technician
  • Cannabis Chef
  • Cannabis business consultant

The Takeaway 

So, there you are. As it is evident from these lines, the cannabis industry offers a diverse range of job opportunities. In particular, sectors such as cultivation, production, research, and retail have plenty to offer. So, if you are searching for any potential roles in the cannabis industry, these lines are a nice starting point. One last thing, please make sure that you research local regulations and requirements properly before you join a cannabis setup.

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