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Why Cannabis Delivery Helps Parents Avoid Unnecessary Judgment


By Meredith DeLuca

Recently Canterra, an e-commerce recreational marijuana site launched in Buffalo.

They describe themselves as an “upscale cannabis delivery service combined with an easy and discreet shopping experience.” Think DoorDash, but for cannabis. So what does this mean for the closeted or curious cannabis consumer?  

As a mom who uses cannabis, I often feel a certain type of guilt for my recreational use because, despite the legality of cannabis, there is still a stigma for recreational users, especially moms. While wine culture is fully embraced by moms, moms who toke might not feel as comfortable walking into a dispensary as they would walking into a winery. Despite all we know about cannabis use being healthier than alcohol consumption, for moms especially the stigma is still real. That’s why being able to order cannabis from the comfort of your home will encourage those who don’t openly enjoy cannabis to discreetly be able to acquire the goods. 

Imagine you just had a stressful day of schlepping kids to and fro and you just wish you could take a little lift but you can’t exactly carry your kids into a dispensary, right? Let’s face it, moms struggle to find a babysitter to go to the dentist let alone a trip to the dispensary. Well thanks to Canterra, you won’t have to. And the more of us moms who fly our cannabis flag proud step up and own our recreational use the easier we will make it for others who feel judged. 

It’s also important to note that a lot of people enjoy cannabis as a natural remedy for a multitude of health issues. Think of someone who has anxiety;  the idea of waltzing into a dispensary and having a medley of options could be overwhelming. Cancer patients who have never smoked before might be more willing to achieve the natural benefits of weed if they knew they could order cannabis safely from their homes.  By creating a discrete and safe way to obtain cannabis, Canterra, and other cannabis delivery options are helping to end negative stigmas regarding cannabis use by introducing cannabis to a new audience. 

With a growing number of questionable chemically altered cannabis products on the market the benefit of an e-commerce website is that you know the product you’re getting is regulated and legitimate. Let’s face it, the shadiest part of obtaining cannabis has always been the “middle-man” especially for women. Imagine all the hours you’ve spent having to make small talk with drug dealers, now you don’t have to. There’s no need to walk into a dispensary and worry if you’re getting ripped off or sold something illegitimate; you can order cannabis as easily as you can order a bottle of wine. And that’s how it should be. 

So, if you’re a tired parent, curious about the health benefits of cannabis, a boomer who hasn’t smoked since a concert in the 70s and wants to have a little fun, or hey- just you’re stereotypical lazy stoner, e-commerce cannabis delivery has the capacity to change cannabis consumption for us all. There is nothing wrong legally or morally with responsibly consuming cannabis as an adult. Cannabis delivery businesses will open up cannabis consumption to unfamiliar and curious consumers. This will help reduce the negative stigma attached to cannabis use. As a mom,  I am hopeful that an anonymous and safe alternative to obtaining cannabis will help create a world where sparking a joint after the kids go to bed is just as socially acceptable as pouring a glass of Pinot. 



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