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What is Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol?


Have you heard of Delta-8 THC Yet? If you’re a medical patient, you may have heard of this compound from your local dispensary associate. For some, the concept of a legal THC product seems too good to be true. For others, Delta-8 THC seems to be the perfect remedy. Let’s learn more about this upcoming cannabinoid as we take a deeper dive.

What Is Delta-8 THC?
There are many forms of THC that exist. Delta-9 THC, being highly psychoactive, is commonly associated with cannabis and is used to classify whether a plant is hemp or cannabis depending if it has more or less than 0.3% D9 THC.

Delta-8 THC is one of the numerous other naturally occurring THCs found in both hemp and cannabis varieties but has always been found in very low amounts.

D8 THC, molecularly, is very similar to D9 THC, but with enough differences to make D8 THC unique enough to stand out in the crowd. Seen as a viable option for those who aren’t necessarily seeking the level of high associated with medical cannabis products, D8 THC is earning a quick reputation for its unique effects.

Effects of Delta-8 THC
When vaped, many people report D8 THC as being the opposite of D9 THC, but in positive ways. D8 THC is known to boost mood and promote calm feelings, while simultaneously giving energy and a motivational and functional “buzz”.

The slight molecular difference of D8 THC from D9 THC can make D8 THC a little harsh on the lungs as some users report. However, good to note there are other methods that don’t require having to inhale anything.

Ways to Consume Delta-8 THC
Currently, the types of Delta-8 THC products range from distillate for vaporizing, tinctures for oral absorption, and edibles for ingesting.

D8 THC Distillate: The most common method you will have is a vape cartridge filled with D8 THC distillate, screwed onto a 510 threaded battery, and vaporized. Inhaling vaporized D8 THC can provide quick and intense relief as it is absorbed quickly into your bloodstream. The effects from inhalation are short-lived as the effects begin to taper down within an hour or two.

D8 THC Edibles: Ingesting D8 THC can take up to 1-2 hours for full absorption depending on your body, but users commonly report longer-lasting effects, especially when compared to inhalation methods.

D8 THC Tinctures: Letting the D8 THC absorb through the thin lining of your mouth will give you quicker absorption time than ingesting an edible. However, similar to ingesting D8 THC, most users also report longer-lasting effects when compared to inhalation methods.

Vetting your Delta-8 THC
The current D8 THC market is highly UNREGULATED. This gives free rein for companies to manufacture products with questionable ingredients. Exercise caution when purchasing and D8 THC products and always ensure you are purchasing your cannabinoid products from a reputable source.

Whether purchasing online or through brick & mortar, always:
1. Purchase from retailers that you trust.
2. Check for lab testing commonly known as a certification of analysis (COA). This testing should be able to verify the potency of the product and even detect the presence of certain contaminants.

Is Delta-8 THC Legal?
The magic behind this molecule revolves around the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 which made any isomer found in hemp legal, as long as its total D9 THC was below 0.3%. D9 THC becoming the only hemp-derived cannabinoid with a federally regulated limit meant that all other forms of hemp-derived THC were technically free to exist in any concentration.

Like federal law, New York state specifically legalized all deviates, cannabinoids, and isomers of hemp including all THCs as long as the D9 THC is below 0.3%. This means that in New York State, for the time being, it is legal to purchase and possess D8 THC products.

Who Should Not Try Delta-8 THC?
If you are subject to drug screens that test for the presence of THC, it is recommended not to consume any D8 THC product as it can trigger positive results.

Where Can I Find High-Quality Delta-8 THC?
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