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Undoo is the first and only Practical Solution for Cannabis Overconsumption


As a pharmacist, when I first came across Undoo I was very skeptical of the supplement marketed as “the greened out antidote” and the first practical solution for THC overconsumption. After visiting their website to learn more, I was surprised by the number of product reviews, videos, and testimonies supporting it. I decided I had to see for myself, so I ordered some soft gels and tested it out (along with some friends of mine). My friends and I were so impressed with Undoo, I started pitching it to all my connections in the cannabis industry and I immediately started thinking about ways I could help more people learn about Undoo.

I ended up getting in touch with the inventor of Undoo, Jimmy Carberry, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that he had attended Buffalo State College before moving out west to Arizona to work in the cannabis industry. I talked with Jimmy a lot about Undoo, we discussed how he developed the idea, what I might be able to help with from a pharmacist’s standpoint, and how I could help bring Undoo out east. 

What impressed me the most about Undoo was that it actually had a scientific basis as to why it might work and had a sophisticated soft gel design and formulation. The reason Undoo works so well is because it utilizes the body’s natural chemistry and essentially just enhances how we naturally clear THC from our cannabinoid receptors. Undoo doesn’t contain cannabidiol (CBD) which is sometimes marketed as a way to decrease the intoxicating effects of THC. Undoo can be used for THC overconsumption, bad timing, morning fog, or for a THC tolerance reset. 

THC Overconsumption

We’ve all been there. You’ve accidentally overdone it and now you’re wishing there was a way out of the situation you’ve put yourself in. Maybe the edible was too strong or you’re just beginning your cannabis journey and you used too much. Undoo helps clear your head and quickly eases the discomfort of cannabis overconsumption. The coolest part about Undoo is that while it clears THC from the brain, you can still feel the beneficial body effects. 

Bad Timing

Maybe you’re ok with how high you are, but it’s not the best time for it and you need some help to come down sooner rather than later. Undoo quickly reduces the intensity of your high from too much THC. 

Morning Fog  (Next Day Impairment)

If you’re experiencing fogginess or grogginess the day after you’ve consumed cannabis Undoo can help clear your head so you can start your day free from any impairment. 

THC Tolerance Reset

For consumers that have built up a tolerance to the effects of THC, sometimes taking a drug holiday to “reset” your tolerance isn’t practical or timely. You may find yourself spending more and more on cannabis or requiring higher doses to produce your desired effect. Undoo can help reset your tolerance, so you won’t need to keep spending massive amounts on cannabis. 

Undoo’s patented formula is available for you to try and benefit from! Learn more at  Readers of CannaBuff are eligible for 10% off at checkout! Use code “green10” to get the discount. 


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