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UB Could Become Global Hub For Cannabinoid Research


Josh Stanley, a national cannabis advocate, entrepreneur, and co-creator of the Charlottes’ web strain of marijuana says Buffalo could become a global hub for cannabinoid research and implementation. 

Stanley is part owner of Citiva Health, who signed a $1.65M deal with UB’s Center for Integrated Global Health Sciences to support cannabinoid research. Gene Morse, director of the Center for Integrated Global Health Sciences, says they hope to identify and isolate compounds responsible for cannabis’s beneficial effects, with a focus on pharmacokinetics.

Citiva lost its initial bid for a cannabis license in NY but is still heavily involved in research, product development, and advocacy.

Initial research will take place in Jamaica as part of UB’s partnership with the University of the West Indies. Citiva also operates a lab in Jamaica. Citiva hopes to combine its expertise in strain development with UB’s experience in drug development to push cannabinoid research forward.

Placing initial operations in Jamaica avoids federal laws that make research with cannabis and derivatives difficult. UB’s patient safety network, the Empire State Patient Safety Assurance Network, led by Jeff Lombardo will also be involved in the project.

The partnership aligns with Stanley’s non-profit work that aims to promote responsible rules and regulations for cannabis worldwide.

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