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Here in Buffalo, NY, we have one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of size-reduction equipment. Schutte Hammermill is a family run business that was founded in 1928, and their products have been used to process biomass on an industrial scale ever since. They design and engineer hammer mills, lump breakers and crushers, industrial shredders, and pelletizing equipment for companies across the world. While originally focusing on wood and lumber, Schutte Hammermill quickly transitioned into the food industry for processing grains such as wheat and barley, and later for spices. Their equipment is now also used in the recycling and waste industry, and most recently, the cannabis industry.

From Reddit to Fruition

In 2015, after receiving word from a customer that two of their hammer mills were mentioned in a Reddit forum, the company saw an opportunity to capitalize on: Their equipment was being used for cannabis.

This off-label use sparked the idea of creating a more application-specific product: the KannaMill.

Through close collaboration with growers, producers, and extractors, the KannaMill was developed to facilitate more efficient biomass processing as the hemp and cannabis industries exploded. 2016 was spent conducting market research, and in 2017 the KannaMill was launched.

KannaMill offers 3 products for different production scales, and each series is customizable with add-ons and efficiencies.

Why KannaMill?

These days, cannabis consumers are interested in high THC products, which drives the desire for more efficient processes for producers.

KannaMill is unique in that it’s specifically designed for cannabis. It’s a series of heavy-duty grinders tailor made for cannabis flower processing and CBD extraction. It produces a tight particle size with optimal density and distribution, and is scalable for various levels of output.

KannaMill is well suited for the following purposes: flower and trim grinding, shredding bulk waste, preparing material for ethanol or supercritical CO2 extraction and pre-rolls, hemp building material, and milling other biomass material such as stalks.

Scalable production

KannaMill offers three series of products for different production scales:

1. The Lab Series is for single batches, up to 300lbs per hour, and is well-suited for smaller operations.

2. The Pilot Series is designed for continuous batches and is good for mid-scale operations. It can process up to 1000lbs per hour.

3. Lastly, the Production Series is for high capacity continuous processing on large scale operations.

While all of these are customizable, KannaMill also has a dedicated team of in-house designers and engineers who can help with fully customized systems for more specific needs.

Built to last

One of the key features that distinguishes KannaMill is the quality of their equipment. All steel is food grade and USA-made, ranging in thickness from 3/8-1/2 inches. Dan Horowitz, a representative of the company, said KannaMill “typically replaces other people’s mills,” as they’re designed for low-maintenance and are built to last.

You can find KannaMill at or call Schutte Hammermill at (716) 855-1555.


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