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The FLWR CITY CUP is an annual New York State flower competition curated to build community and raise funds for reinvestment in community development initiatives. This year’s Harvest Cup flower competition showcases both CBD and THC varieties grown locally in New York state. Over 60 plus submissions were received and submissions were stripped of their identity (name, COA, etc) and assigned a random number so that judges were blinded.

The root of the FLWR CITY Harvest Cup competition is to engage cannabis consumers and stakeholders in group initiatives in support of causes we all believe in. Our vision is to prove that Cannabis Used Positively can build up communities to create a lasting impact. Through these events, we aim to raise money and resources to fill the CUP with funds that are reinvested back into the community.

People’s Pop Up Choice

For this year’s competition, FLWR CITY partnered with several cannabis organizations and businesses throughout New York to host seven People’s Choice Pop Up Parties in various cities. Through these events, consumers were able to participate in live public contests. Events were hosted throughout March in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, NYC, and Long Island.

The People’s Choice competition was a live “buffet” style grading process – where the Top 30 THC & Top 20 CBD submissions were on display in MasonBrite magnifying jars for optimal visual grading. Over 1,000 people attended the People’s Choice Pop parties throughout the state – even cannabis legend Steve DeAngelo came to judge and grade NYS’s finest cannabis!

C.U.P – Cannabis Use Positively – Filling the CUP Fund

With the support and engagement of the community, last year’s FLWR CITY Harvest Cup raised $6,000 for community reinvestment. In 2022, the organizers are aiming higher with the goal of raising $20,000 for community reinvestment. The recipients of this year’s fund are community organizations based in Buffalo and Rochester; Massachusetts Avenue Project, Roc Food Relief, Avenue Blackbox, Noire Collective, and Food for the Spirit. To donate and help FILL THE CUP, please visit

How we’re raising funds:

50% of CBD Flower Registration Fees
25% of revenue from People’s Choice Popup Grading Parties
25% of contributions for People’s Choice Judging Kits
25% of all proceeds for the FLWR CITY CUP Finals
+ Individual and Businesses Contributions


This year’s Harvest Cup brought together an incredible group of NYS Cannabis Industry leaders, advocates, change-makers, and entrepreneurs to serve as judges for the Harvest Cup Finals! Industry judges were given a Judge’s Box containing the Top 20 cultivars from this year’s competition. The FLWR City Harvest Cup Champion will be decided from the People’s Choice and Industry Judge’s gradings. Flower submissions will be graded on a variety of factors judged by industry experts for their smell, structure, and characteristics.

Reggie Keith | Canna-House
Justin Shultz | Bison Botanics
Kaitlin Frisicaro | Empress Nasha
Sarah Stenuf | Ananda Farms & Veteran’s Ananda Inc.
David Falkowski | Open Minded Organics
Brittany Carbone | Tricolla Farms & Tonic CBD & Bardo Labs
Kaelan Castetter | Castetter Cannabis Group
Felix Free | FLWR CITY & Golden Soul
Kristin Jordan | Park Jordan & Asian Cannabis Roundtable
Grant Atkins | Lambsbreath & 6-Point Cannabis
Grizzly Bocourt | Cannaware Society
Jonathan Escoffery | The Firehouse Harlem
Steven Phan | Come Back Daily & Bodega Ink & QuadDeuceNil
Benjamin Leiner | Cannabis Advocate & Entrepreneur
​​Grizzly Bocourt | Cannaware Society

Join us for the Finale!

This year’s FLWR CITY CUP will culminate in the Harvest Cup Award show in April 2022. Check out for more information!

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