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Elevate your Brand with CannaZip Bags


Professional Cannabis Packaging

Deciding what packaging will represent your brand can be a daunting task. What type of container, material, design, and presentation to go with are all tough decisions to make. Luckily, CannaZip is here to take the headache off your hands. CannaZip offers stylish, professional, direct-to-package printing, along with custom labels and box printing, giving your brand the look and feel of a major market player. With our no minimum order quantities and production as fast as 24 hours, on select products, you don’t have to buy thousands of pieces to get a great price or a quality product. We’ve designed our state-of-the-art ordering and production process to meet the needs of the ever-evolving cannabis and CBD marketplace.

Help Customers Choose Your Brand

Product packaging and presentation are key aspects of marketing and when done effectively can lead customers to choose your brand over the competition. Don’t settle for low-quality substitutes. Immediately show customers that your brand is superior to alternatives with our sleek and professional products.

CannaZip gives you all the tools you need, at your fingertips, so you don’t overlook the most important part of your product’s journey – delivering an attractive product presentation. With labels and packaging that are specially designed for cannabis and CBD flower, they also work great for joint and concentrate sleeves, tinctures, rubs, miscellaneous products, and of course edibles (all CannaZip bags are FDA compliant for direct contact with food).

Why Packaging is so Important

Now, more than ever, are short runs, high customization, and a professional presentation, the foundational building blocks to a successful business. CannaZip’s staff is dedicated to getting you the perfect packaging supplies as fast and easy as possible. Are you using an international supplier? Say goodbye to long import times, customs and port delays, and language barriers. CannaZip bags are made right here in the USA, where you know your purchase is going to support local businesses and families. Their fast and friendly packaging experts are here to help you every step of the way.

Waited till the last minute? No problem!

CannaZip’s rapid production, no minimum order quantity service utilizes an intuitive pricing algorithm that calculates your bag price instantly, meaning you don’t have to wait for emails to get your order started. Simply choose your quantity and specifications, upload your design files, review your price, and pay online via credit card. Your bags can be made in as quickly as 24 hours! Saving you the headache if you’re ever in a pinch and need your order turned around quickly.

Need specialty features? CannaZip Bags has all the custom specs you need!

CannaZip Bag’s Custom Pro Pouches feature all the specs, customization, and perks you’ll ever need to set your brand apart from the pack. Choose from a variety of options to help create the packaging you desire. These bags have all the same great oxygen, light, and smell protection properties as the rest of our custom bags. If you need a specific size, material, or some extra flair, this is the option for you. Features include but are not limited to child-resistant zippers and CR-certified packaging, specialty laminates/spot varnishes, materials, custom shapes, and trim styles.

New to CannaZip’s arsenal of products are custom printed labels and boxes. You can now choose from a variety of options from full-cut stickers, roll labels, custom cartridge or box printing, and much more.

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