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5 Tips Before Visiting Your First NY Medical Dispensary


If you’re wondering how you should prepare for visiting a medical dispensary for the first time, read these tips!


1. Prepare your paper recommendation. Ensure that the name of your recommending provider is on the form and that your doctor has signed and dated the form.

2. Ensure you have your state id card.

3. Find a dispensary and request information about their products. Products vary at each dispensary. Call the dispensary or you may be able to lookup the dispensary’s menu on their website or on If not contact (call or email) the dispensary and they will send you a comprehensive list of their product offerings with pricing and concentration information.

4. Prepare a list of your medications to bring with you to the dispensary.

5. Speak with the pharmacist to receive a personalized recommendation for medical cannabis. If your doctor selected your regimen for you, this won’t be necessary, but still let the pharmacist know all of your allergies, chronic conditions, as well as herbal supplements, over the counter medications and prescription drugs you use.



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