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Published: Oct 17, 2021

Written by: CannaBuff


Meet Brennon Anderson of Bridge Studios

Bridge Studios


About this Column: 

It’s no secret that cannabis is sensory enhancing, and one of the most commonly sought enhancements is the experience of music. In this column, we aim to highlight artists, bands, and musicians hailing from or passing through Buffalo. From Goo Goo Dolls to Griselda, we hope this column inspires readers to get out, dance, tap their feet, and listen to the talent that’s performing and producing music locally.


Introducing Brennon Anderson of Bridge Studios

Brennon Anderson is a producer, studio head, and entrepreneur. We met at University at Buffalo. Brennon had just started an Indie record label called Indie-Visuals and was producing and recording music out of his apartment in University Heights. At the time, Brennon was collaborating with a number of different artists from Buffalo and Rochester and was performing at venues such as Broadway Joes, Iron Works, Ohm lounge, Dubland Underground, and The Waiting Room. I was immediately impressed by Brennon’s commitment to his craft. I knew other talented artists, but so few of them managed to figure out how to pursue their art full time. Too often musicians and other artists allow their passions to become hobbies that are thrown in the closet and are only dusted off on occasion when they have some spare time. Brennon refused to let that happen. He doubled down on his commitment and quit school to pursue music full-time. Shortly after, he saw a Facebook post advertising a vacant room in New York City. The post was by Mr. Green, a Brooklyn-based producer and creator of VICE’s hit show “Live from the Streets.” Brennon responded to the ad, packed his things, and moved to Brooklyn.

Once settled in Brooklyn, Brennon began working for The Fader, a hip hop lifestyle and culture magazine. He also mixed tracks for Duck Down Music. While Brennon honed his craft in the big city, he continued to grow his brand in WNY producing music under the name Beats Anonymous and continuing to setup and promote shows for his Indie-Visuals artists.

Brennon has been instrumental, no pun intended, in elevating his artist’s platforms. They’ve served as opening acts for the Queens-based collective World’s Fair (Remy Banks) and hip hop legend that needs no introduction, Talib Kweli (Black Star).

Now, Brennon has moved back to Buffalo and on to his next chapter, Bridge Studios. A secure, full service, music production and recording studio on Hertel Avenue. Brennon rents the space to local artists and assists them with their projects. The space features classic production equipment, DAW software, computer workstations, and other standard studio amenities. The space houses Brennon’s extensive record collection, turntables, and a video game lounge for breaks during long sessions. Bridge studios is available for booking any time of day to accommodate artist preferences. He hopes the space will foster the burgeoning hip hop scene in Buffalo.

Building Buffalo: Monthly Networking Events

In addition to his studio project, Brennon has started a monthly meetup called Building Buffalo (@BuildingBuffalo on Instagram). Building Buffalo is a monthly networking event for artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and just about anyone to come out and enjoy free food and exchange ideas. Attendees come together in a positive atmosphere and bond over shared interests in making Buffalo a better place to work, live, and be a part of.

The event is held at local breweries, restaurants, and other spaces throughout the city. Past events have been held at Lafayette and Big Ditch Breweries, Misuta Chows, and Preservation Pub.


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