Compare Apples to Apples

EQ pricing allows you to compare apples to apples. By standardizing prices to the amount of THC/CBD in a product, costs can be compared across categories and regardless of quantity or size. To calculate on your own, take the total cost of the container/product and divide it by the total number of mg of THC or CBD in the product. To learn more about how EQ pricing works and why its awesome, read our dedicated blog post on the topic.

Data Sources

Product costs and total cannabinoid content were obtained from,, and the following company websites:,,,,,, and

How we Created our Dataset

1. Compiled product information using the sources above.

2. Created visualization using Tableau Prep.

How to Use

  1. Choose price per mg of THC or CBD from the drop-down menu.
  2. Filter for predominant cannabinoid preference THC, CBD, or equal (1:1).
  3. Filter dosage forms (if desired) and hover over bars for more details.
  4. For more details about how to use this dashboard click here.
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