Our vision

Establish Buffalo as a hub of the East Coast cannabis movement.

Our mission

Foster a more verdant cannabis industry in Western New York.

Our aim

Highlight the successes and many difficulties faced by businesses operating in this industry. By showing off some of Buffalo’s success stories and the challenges they’ve faced to get where they are, we bolster local brands and businesses and fulfill our main goal; putting Buffalo on the map in the cannabis industry.

Our origin

Media outlets and news agencies treat cannabis as a fad. You’ve probably read the misleading headlines and excerpts. It seems like everyone LOVES to mention cannabis (probably because it improves their ratings), but no one knows the topic well enough to ask the right questions and tell fact from fiction. When topics about cannabis are presented by the media the narrative is overwhelmingly one-sided and oversimplified.

With a breadth of knowledge on cannabis-related topics and a ton of enthusiasm, CannaBuff was born.

Our name

The name “CannaBuff” combines cannabis with “Buff” a person who is enthusiastically interested and knowledgeable about a particular subject (Buff’s also short for Buffalo, New York). 

Our journey

CannaBuff magazine was started in 2019. Originally printed on newsprint, the magazine was produced on a printing press by the Jamestown Post-Journal and was hand-delivered to retail businesses across Western New York.

Who we are

Our team consists of healthcare professionals, medical patients, passionate consumers, photographers, designers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Where we are

CannaBuff is headquartered in Buffalo, New York.

The magazine can be found at head shops, dispensaries, hemp CBD stores, doctor’s offices, and store fronts throughout Buffalo and WNY. You can subscribe to receive digital copies via email, or, for a small fee, you can have physical copies mailed directly to your door. We publish issues quarterly; every Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Why we’re different

We’re a pharmacist-founded cannabis media company. Cannabis isn’t just a fad to us, it’s an infinitely interesting plant that just happens to be going mainstream. To quote Steven Hager, former editor of High Times, “With legalization comes the responsibility to treat the plant with respect.” At CannaBuff, we believe that means credible coverage and information, conversations that matter, and a public that’s more educated about cannabis.

Thanks for reading! If you still have any questions about our company’s mission or goals feel free to contact us