It’s time to usher in another beautiful winter season in Buffalo. This past year has been a wild ride. The Bills are sitting atop the AFC East and a global COVID-19 immunization effort is underway. 

We’ve seen some interesting developments in the cannabis space since our last issue. First, was the proposed change in the regulation of hemp-based CBD products in the State. While we’re excited about improvements for consumer safety, we’re worried about our many friends in the hemp space that have worked hard to grow or source quality hemp flower. (As I type this, the legislation in its current form would prohibit the sale of Hemp CBD flower). Governor Cuomo again promised to legalize (recreational) cannabis for adults this year. In the wake of the budget deficit caused by COVID-19, NY needs all the tax revenue it can get. 

I fully support legalization and believe that a regulated market is safer for everyone. However, tax revenue from cannabis will not go directly to those hurt by prohibition, instead, it will be sent to the State and they will decide what to do with it. A key aspect of the State’s legalization bill will be details regarding the reinvestment of that tax money into communities wronged by prohibition. Hopefully, NY can get this right. 

Joe Biden won the election and I’m optimistic that positive change in cannabis and drug policy reform is on the horizon. The MORE Act and Medical Marijuana Research Act both passed in the House but will need to pass again in the house and senate next legislative session. Another largely symbolic win was the rescheduling of cannabis by the United Nations. 

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