Introducing CannaBuff Magazine

Welcome to Buffalo’s first and only magazine dedicated to destigmatizing responsible cannabis use and bringing a non-biased and intelligent conversation to all things cannabis. 

Cannabis has become a fad for news agencies and media outlets. You’ve probably read the misleading headlines and excerpts. Reliable and accurate information is hard to find. When topics about cannabis are presented by the local media the narrative is overwhelmingly one-sided and oversimplified.

With a breadth of knowledge on cannabis-related topics and a ton of enthusiasm, CannaBuff was born. 

We are healthcare professionals, medical patients, passionate consumers, photographers, designers, artists, and entrepreneurs. 

We are starting off quarterly. With new issues coming every Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

We hope you enjoy what we’ve created, for you, and the rest of the Western New York Community. If you enjoy our magazine please follow us on social media, visit us online, or come to one of our events where we host a broad range of conversations that reflect the flourishing cannabis industry in Buffalo.